Mission Statement

We strive to provide professional and logical solutions for all specialty and production engineering needs.

J.M.Parish Enterprises offers engineering services for mechanical, aerospace, and industrial applications. Along with these services, we offer an array of engineered products. J.M.Parish Enterprises uses a network of local vendors to allow for efficiency in engineering, testing, certification, manufacturing, and production.

With over 30 years of experience in multiple fields, we are proud to say our reputation speaks for itself.

Specialty Products

The Polisher

The Polisher is a commercial grade machine that prepares asphalt samples as required when testing for long term traction validation. The consistency of the process is critical when comparing data with other samples or correlating data for long term performance.

Please visit www.jmpolisher.com, the official Polisher website for more information.

Face Shields by J.M.Parish

J.M.Parish Enterprises offers three different styles of Face Shields in Black or Tan. Reusable, durable, washable, and fashionable. Face Shields by J.M.Parish looks great as a visor, or looks great when fitted over a baseball cap! Order yours today!

For more information please contact J.M.Parish Enterprises.

Cnt-R-Kut Series

Cnt-r-KUT? is the first series of jet nozzles delivering flexible centering. Each Cnt-r-KUT? nozzle features a body and nozzle. Flexible guide vanes can be trimmed for your custom application and are mechanically attached to the body for easy replacement.

Please visit Arthur Products for more information.


J.M.Parish Enterprises designs and manufactures bladders for many applications including clutch bladders, tank bladders/liners, and bladders for sealing and lifting.
J.M.Parish Enterprises can manufacture bladders by molding, sheet stock curing, heat-sealed forming, sewn, adhesive joining, or hand fabrication for your specific needs.

For more information please contact J.M.Parish Enterprises.

Coated Products

J.M.Parish Enterprises offers a strong, efficient urethane coating for your parts. This is useful in vibration reduction, noise cancellation, increasing grip, aesthetics, and other applications.

Custom molding for your specific needs are available. Please contact J.M.Parish Enterprises with your inquiries.


J.M.Parish Enterprises is dedicated to meeting any and all customer's needs; whether they are large contracted projects or smaller hourly projects. We will work with you to meet requirements, deadlines, and expectations.

J.M.Parish Enterprises offers the following expertise and services to customers:



J.M.Parish Enterprises will conceptualize, design, and manufacture fixtures/tooling for your testing and production needs.


With experience in rubber, plastic, and coated fabrics, J.M.Parish Enterprises will create custom inflatables using a variety of techniques to meet your specific needs.
J.M.Parish Enterprises has extensive experience with RF sealing, hot air sealing, vacuum forming, adhesives, industrial sewing, and molding.

Icing Tunnel and Airfoil

J.M.Parish Enterprises has experience in designing and manufacturing airfoil models used in various icing/wind tunnels throughout the country.


J.M.Parish Enterprises will develop a means to validate your design.
If required, J.M.Parish Enterprises can perform or assist with testing per your standards.

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